Arrival Slots

Aliens have appeared in a few slot games over time, and now it is the turn of Arrival to feature them. The game begins with a cut scene featuring two pilots in their spaceships. But what will they discover, and how will this affect the game you are going to play?

The details in the game are incredible, and it surely must be one of the best Betsoft games you will have seen. We think so - will you agree on that score?

Format for reels and paylines

The game uses a standard layout and features 30 lines to win prizes on, arranged over five reels.

What could you bet on Arrival?

If you have played a few Betsoft games before, you will recognize the two-cent minimum and the 50-cent maximum in place in the game.

Does the slot game have any special symbols?

Watch for the ray gun. If you find three or more, you will trigger a click-me feature. All you must do to win prizes is to select UFOs to see what you win.

There are no wilds or scatters in the normal sense, but the game does have a couple more tricks up its sleeve…

Can you unlock a bonus feature or two?

You can. Firstly, three or more aliens will trigger an Abduction Wild Reel feature. An entire reel will be transformed into a wild reel and you will also win some free spins.

Finally, the girl can appear on the reels as well. Should she pop up three times, you will enter the bonus feature. You must help the marine rescue her and hopefully you will succeed in rescuing her from The Brain (i.e. the alien).

Download and play the Arrival online slot today!

Arrival is a superb game that takes place on the alien's spaceship. You will see him sitting in front of the control panel, which coincidentally gives you all the controls for the game. The detail is incredible and makes the game even more appealing.

With bonus features built in all over the place, it becomes a lot easier to play the game. This is because you won't even notice the absence of a regular wild or a scatter. You just have to spin and look for prizes, and hope you get a combination of special symbols to trigger one of those special features mentioned above.