Back in Time Slots

It's hard to remember a time when online slot games weren't available. Now, though, you have an opportunity to head back in time to see what Betsoft makes of this theme.

You get a 3D theme here, which is always cool to look at, and you can see dinosaurs have inspired the game itself. Watch out for palm trees and a nice beach, and watch what happens when the reels start to spin.

Format for reels and paylines

There are three reels here and three rows are present on each one. This means you can enjoy three paylines, yes? Er, no - there are eight for you to enjoy.

What could you bet on Back in Time?

Bets begin from two cents per coin, but this can be increased to 50 cents. If you want to play as many as five coins on each line, you can do.

Does the slot game have any special symbols?

You get different-colored eggs in this game, and finding three of one color on a payline awards a prize. There is a wild symbol, too, which appears as a broken egg with two question marks coming out of it.

Can you unlock a bonus feature or two?

You can, and the symbol featuring three small rocks is the one to help you do this. You don't have to collect them all on one line either. If you find one while you spin, you get to keep it. You can then keep playing and see when you find the other two. Once you have collected the three you need, the bonus feature will play. This is a great way of gaining access to the feature and it makes life easier for you too.

You then get to throw the stones at your reels. Choose carefully, because depending on the outcome of your throw, you could win a nice credit prize.

Download and play the Back in Time online slot today!

You can go back in time with the cute dinosaur in this game, and it's worth trying it, we think. While the game only has three reels, it does provide you with an opportunity to enjoy some fun and engaging gameplay. And with more lines and a bonus element as well, there is more to it than the average three-reel game. So, are you ready to go back in time?