The Bees Slots

Yes, indeed they are, and this bright and buzzy game is all set to reel in the players with an introduction to some bees that are busy going about their business. But will those bees be good to you, and are there numerous prizes to be won here?

Reels and lines format

The Bees has five reels in play, but the game restricts the available paylines to just nine.

Bet amounts used

It is possible to play all the lines for a total of 18 cents, meaning a bet of two cents on each line. That’s as low as you can go, but the biggest bet to cover all the lines is $150.

The Bees special icons in play

Sometimes, games label their special symbols, and that has happened here with the wild. There is a tree and a couple bees on it as well, though.

The scatter is shown as a honeypot, and this is the only symbol that cannot be replaced by a wild.

The Bees bonus features

The middle three reels must show a specific combination of icons to go into a bonus feature where you can pick flowers and catch falling raindrops as well. The combination to get is the male bee, the logo, and the female bee. The more flowers you get, the more cash prizes you win, and the raindrops you catch will bring you swap icons. These are used in the base game, and can be used to swap out icons in the hope of winning prizes if you’ve just missed out on them. This means the perks of the bonus feature carry on even after you’ve returned to the main game.

While you’re in the bonus feature, though, you must try not to be stung. You can get assistance if you are from the spray given, and you can play for longer by scooping up time bonuses as well. How long will you last for?

Play The Bees slot now for some slot game fun!

The Bees is a nice game with some unusual features, and while it is packed with far fewer paylines than you might expect for a five-reel slot, this is no bad thing if you’re working with a small budget. It does make it easy to cover every line, and that means you’ve always got the best chance to try and win some prizes while playing The Bees.