Crazy Jackpot 60,000 Slots

Sometimes it's possible to look at a slot game and need to take another closer look before you figure it out. With Crazy Jackpot 60,000, you'll need to do just that. It's because the game has an unusual structure of reels in action. We won't say any more yet, but you should read on to find out more.

Format for reels and paylines

You get three basic reels in action on the left side of the game screen, but there are another two smaller ones on the right as well. These two are the Crazy Reels and you'll find out more about those in a moment. You can also play either three, nine or all 27 lines.

What could you bet on Crazy Jackpot 60,000?

You can play from two cents per coin all the way up to a dollar per coin. This gives you plenty of leeway when it comes to working out the bet you're happy with.

Does the slot game have any special symbols?

There's a crazy jester on the reels who fits in well with the crazy theme. The jester (or joker, if you prefer) is wild and three of them on just one line will award a random prize. The wild also substitutes for everything else you see.

Can you unlock a bonus feature or two?

You can, and if the game awards you a win of any kind, you will trigger the Crazy Reels feature. This can give you a multiplier for the prize you just won… or it might award nothing at all. If you lose, the feature is over and you continue as before.

If you get a multiplier, or the joker appears and you get a random multiplier, the second Crazy Reel spins. This is how the winnings can add up by massive amounts when you play the game.

Download and play the Crazy Jackpot 60,000 online slot today!

The Crazy Reels game soon becomes easy to understand when you read the rules and give it a spin. If you can trigger that first crazy reel and get a good multiplier, and the second crazy reel then spins another good one into play, your original prize could be a whole lot bigger than you thought it might be! And that would be good news for you and good reason to celebrate as well.