Frog Hunter Slots

You may well ask! We knew you would, which is why we reviewed the game of the same name from Betsoft. It's a little different from their usual slots - it's not in 3D, for starters, and there are far fewer paylines than you might be familiar with.

But with a frog-filled theme and some cool features to look for, this could still be a favorite once you've given it a try.

Format for reels and paylines

Even though the game has five reels, it only features five paylines to bet on.

What could you bet on Frog Hunter?

The two-cent coin beloved by those at Betsoft is the smallest coin bet here. Meanwhile, the lack of paylines means the top coin value is $5.

Does the slot game have any special symbols?

Look out for a dragonfly to appear - a common sight around ponds, for sure. In this game, it has prize opportunities in store if it appears on the right-hand side of the frog or on the left-hand side of the lady frog. You can win two or three times your total bet if you trigger this bonus.

With no wilds or scatters in the game, there is another feature you will want to look out for as you play through your spins.

Can you unlock a bonus feature or two?

The game comes complete with a water lily bonus too. You will need to secure at least three water lilies appearing on adjacent reels to trigger this to begin. The idea is to assist the frog on your screen to get safely across the pond. You must select lily pads for him to jump from to get across.

You can only jump ahead of you and the third row of pads hides a proper challenge. These contain a crocodile, so try and guess correctly to avoid it if you can.

Download and play the Frog Hunter online slot today!

The Frog Hunter is a little different from other slots in this collection from Betsoft. The lack of lots of paylines will distract some, but if you like to cover all the lines for a small bet, this will be a game that will allow it.

The bonuses are worth looking for as you play, and the overall simplicity of the game means you can play for some time without getting bored. Why not try it and see whether you can help froggy cross the pond?