Hidden Loot Slots

Any slot game that promises some hidden loot is worth a closer look. That is even truer in this case, as the Hidden Loot online slot comes from none other than Betsoft. The title may provide a subtle clue to the theme, but allow us to reveal it is focused on pirates. Will you dig up their hidden loot to celebrate a big win here?

Reels and lines in play

The game is built with three reels to spin and there are three paylines as well.

Bet amounts you can use

You get a familiar selection of coins here – coins that are often used in Betsoft games. These go from a minimum of two cents apiece up to a half-dollar. They do also provide an opportunity to wager up to five of your chosen coins on each of those three paylines.

Hidden Loot special symbols

Can you guess which icon might be wild in this game? Since it is about pirates, you might guess it will be a pirate, and you’d be right. He will replace everything else that could spin into view on the reels. These other icons include gems, pirate ships, and the infamous skull and crossbones…

Hidden Loot bonus features

You will also spot the logo for the slot game on the reels as you play. Your task is to find three of them on one line. If you can do this, you will unlock a bonus. You must assist the pirate in finding a set number of gems in each level (there are three levels to play).

However, it is not as easy as that. There are skeletons in these parts, and they could harm your progress towards the prizes…

Make sure you download and play Hidden Loot slots today!

This is a great slot, made even better by the fact that when you click spin, only the bottom line of icons will spin into view. You can then decide if you want to hold one or two of the icons that have appeared. This makes life a bit more interesting than simply clicking on spin each time and seeing what happens.

For a three-reel slot, the Hidden Loot game offers far more than you may have expected. After all, the idea of having a bonus level in a basic slot, not to mention those hold elements, makes this a surefire winner in our eyes.