Treasure Room Slots

Now, there is a title that immediately piques our curiosity. Wouldn't you want to get into a Treasure Room to see what you can find there? We know we would! So, does this Betsoft title live up to those expectations, or does it come up short?

You do get a look inside the room, and with golden chains hanging to show you the lines, and the room lit by torches, you're immediately grabbed by the delights within.

Reels and lines format

The format isn't new, offering five reels and 20 paylines to get to grips with.

Bet amounts used

Betsoft games often have the two-cent minimum and the 50-cent maximum bets in place, and that is true here, as well. You've got a chance to bet up to five of the chosen coin on every line, too.

Treasure Room special icons in play

The compass is a substitute and there are three symbols it won't replace, although everything else is fair game. Those three symbols are the jackpot, bonus, and scatter symbols. If you want to win the jackpot (who doesn't?), you must line up five treasure chests on a payline you've bet the maximum amount on.

Treasure Room bonus features

Can you find the sword and shield symbol three times on a paid line? If so, you get an on-reels bonus pick. Choose one of those icons to reveal what you've won.

Meanwhile, finding three of the golden icons featuring a hand on each on an active payline will secure entry into the bonus round. This happens on the second screen. This takes you into the treasure room, where three doors await you. Simply open them all to reveal what you've won. You'll secure bigger prizes if you found four or five bonus icons before getting into the round.

Play the Treasure Room slot now for some slot game fun!

The Treasure Room slot hardly has a new and innovative idea for a theme. But that doesn't matter. There are lots of reasons why you should check this game out, and lots of reasons why it may just be one of the better slots you've played.

The mystery, the idea of a room packed with treasure, and of course the bonus features… all these things combine to provide a game that we think will win over many fans. Will you be one of them?