Trinity Reels Slots

Trinity means three - and that provides a clue to what might happen during the Trinity Reels slot game. It's a game where the theme is second to the features, although you'll note some medieval elements popping up in places. Or at least, that's the suggestion. However, the game features are most important, so let's check those out below as we review this Betsoft slot game.

Reels and paylines to note in Trinity Reels

There aren't three reels here - instead, you get twice that number. There are three blocks per reel, with the blocks on the first five reels showing one, two, or three identical symbols in each place. The sixth reel only ever shows three symbols.

This is a way wins game, with a maximum of 177,174 ways available.

Plenty of betting options to consider

The range goes from 20 cents to $100.

Lots of special icons as well

The third reel can display important boost icons. These can lead to wilds appearing elsewhere, split symbols in other positions, and multipliers for prizes won in that spin.

Searching for some free spins to play in Trinity Reels

There is a free spin symbol in the game as well. This can provide you with 10 spins, but only when you find three of them. The three boosts for the sixth reel can all appear during these spins, but the game selects one at random to become more frequent for those freebies.

What did we make of Trinity Reels from Betsoft?

You may not guess it is a Betsoft title upon first appearance, especially as the game dispenses with the 3D graphics that so often crop up during their games. It looks more basic, and yet that approach works for this title. You'll be paying attention to the symbols landing in each spin, seeing whether you have one, two, or three in each position across the first few reels.

There is much to appreciate on this occasion, and we ended up playing the demo of Trinity Reels for quite a while. Try it yourself to see whether you like the split symbol approach taken here. While it's not new, it does work well, especially on this occasion.