The True Sheriff Slots

The True Sheriff Slots

There's a sheriff in town, and he's the real deal, if we believe the title of this slot game hailing from Betsoft. So, are you ready to saddle up and see what the sheriff can offer while you're in town?

The True Sheriff game is based around a familiar theme, but it does offer plenty to make it stand out. Will it offer enough to tempt you to play?

Reels and lines format

You get 30 lines to bet on, but they aren't fixed. You also get five reels.

Bet amounts used

It's possible to play the game with coins ranging from two cents apiece to 50 cents. You've also got the option to wager up to five coins on every line you play.

The True Sheriff special icons in play

Just one handgun on the center reel brings you a Wild Guns feature. The sheriff will appear, fire his gun at the reels, and turn one or more symbols into wilds. Only then are the pays calculated. You get a respin, too, which further boosts the potential of this game.

There is also a regular wild, shown as the word by itself, and this gives its own payouts for three or more of them. The sheriff's badge is used as the scatter.

The True Sheriff bonus features

The first three paylines can trigger a bonus if you get the villain, the gun, and the sheriff appearing in that order on one of them, or in reverse order. They must appear in consecutive spots, too, from the left or from the right. The Showdown bonus then begins, and you can win by completing various rounds. If the three icons appear on the center three reels, you won't win the bonus, but you will get the Wild Guns feature instead, so all is not lost.

The scatter will bring you 10, 12, or 15 free games for getting three or more respectively. They must appear on consecutive reels though, and from the first reel onwards.

Play The True Sheriff slot now for some slot game fun!

Check the rules for this game, as some combinations of symbols must appear in a certain way for you to win a bonus or some free spins. However, the game is a success and it does bring you some chances to win with every spin you get a chance to play. Will you win if you take the game for a spin?