Barbary Coast Slots

Pirates aren't new to online slot games, but we think Betsoft's Barbary Coast is one of the best. It appears in 3D glory for starters, and with lots of features built into the gameplay, you can't help but want to know more.

Format for reels and paylines

The game presents you with 30 lines and five reels.

What could you bet on Barbary Coast?

The default coin is set to 10 cents, but this can drop as low as two cents a time if you like. It can also be increased to a maximum of 50 cents a time. And if you want to push the pirate boat out, you can bet up to five coins on every line too.

Does the slot game have any special symbols?

Right - so, the parrot is the scatter, and that has a special feature as mentioned below. There is a wild that appears in the shape of a cannon, but it's not as you'd expect a normal wild to be. Instead, it can appear on the center reel and when it does, it fills the reel and stays in place for the next spin.

Can you unlock a bonus feature or two?

The parrot needs to appear three or more times to unlock some free spins. You'll find out how many when you play the game.

If Ben Sawyer appears at least three times, you'll trigger the Click Me feature. Click on one of the icons shown to collect an instant prize.

Can you find three or more Captain Blackbeard icons on a paid payline? if you can, you can trigger the Fight bonus feature. Engage in a swordfight with the pirate and see if you can rescue the damsel in distress.

But we're still not done. Three or more workers on a paid payline triggers the Grog bonus feature. Win the drinking competition and win a prize!

Download and play the Barbary Coast online slot today!

Phew - this game has so many extra features, it's easy to play for an extended period and still enjoy yourself. When you can play and win, it gets better still. The graphics are superb and the game offers lots to get to grips with within the theme in use. It is one of the best pirate-related slot games out there today, as we think you will agree.