Carnaval Forever Slots

So you can’t get enough of carnival hey? Well, you don’t have to go to Mardi Gras or the Brazilian festival. All you have to do is find an online casino that supports Carnaval Forever, and then get into the virtual, carnival mood.

One Heck Of A Developer

When it comes to developing and powering high profile slot games, Betsoft consistently ranks near the top. Their reputation remains intact with Carnaval Forever slots, a visually stunning, five reel game filled with ambient effects and the music of the one of a kind, world famous, Carnaval.

Getting The Feel Of The Game

Before wagering real money, you can play the demo of this game so you can get into the complete rhythm and the flow of Carnaval Forever slots.

A Unique Theme

Betsoft doesn’t just develop games, they make each game a gem and jewel of its own. And make no mistake about it, Carnaval Forever Slots is a gem in every sense with a theme that totally embodies the spirit of carnival. The icons and the game screen are in the mode of the Brazilian carnival. In fact, every time you spin the reels, they will gleam, and the winning icons will pop off the screen to rejoice in your victory.

It’s All In The Design

If you can’t get enough of Carnaval, then you can get your Carnaval fix right at your computer or even in the palm of your hand. All the likeness of the game is in the pattern of the Brazilian carnival with even the graphics and the fonts in the essence of the carnival.

It’s All In The Pay lines

Carnaval Forever Slots comes with 10 pay lines. And ten pay lines is all that you need to fully encapsulate the spirit of the Brazilian Carnival.

Keeping Your Options On Table

Depending on the online casino that you are betting at when playing Carnaval Forever Slots, you may be able to make your deposits with Bitcoin, Neteller and Skrill to go along with Visa and MasterCard. When you are ready to make your bets, there are bet lines to help you make precise bets on the pay lines.

Don’t Forget About The Pay Table

Whenever you need a quick reminder on the game icons and their values, check out the pay table which is but a click away. The pay table also has game rules and game icons.

High Stakes Bonus Round

After every win, you can double up your win with the double up feature. If you are in a hurry to play the free spins round, you can opt to buy your way in with 10 free spins with the cost of 50 credits.

The Free Spins Round

It’s all about finding the carnival queen in the crowd to play in the free spins round. And when playing in the free spins round, you can amass additional free spins.

The RTP Is For Real

Nobody want to lose when placing bets. But don’t worry, when playing Carnaval Forever Slots, the return to player is worthwhile. The more bets you place, the more of your winnings will trickle back to you.

The Rating Is In

Carnaval Forever has no official rating. Even though this a carnival themed game, and carnivals have been known to carry out some wild, adult moments, however, the game play here is clean and fun. You have nothing to worry about.

It’s All About The Winners

Carnaval Forever wants its players to have memories that last forever. As mentioned before the return to player will add up nicely if you bet with enough frequency.

Playing For The Heck Of It

You can play practice rounds with Carnaval Forever so you can get the hang of the game before you place down real money.

Time To Put The Money Down

When of course you are ready to play for some serious money, there are many ways in which to deposit your money. There are pay buttons to adjust your coin size for every spin.

Mobile Play

Carnaval Forever is a state of the art, slot game. It comes fully optimized to be played on today’s highly tuned smart phones.