Fruit Bat Crazy Slots

Fruit Bat Crazy is a fun new cascading-style slot game from Betsoft that helps to keep you entertained no matter what sort of gambler you are. You might be a bit disappointed by the lower prize payouts and the limited wagering window, but once you get a taste of the prize combinations you’ll overlook all that other stuff because this slot is good plain fun.

About Fruit Bat Crazy

As the name suggests each round in Fruit Bat Crazy is an exciting one designed to keep you at the edge of your seat. That’s because of the cool cascading symbols feature and the powerful free spin round. It’s common to get combinations of wins with one win after another in the same turn thanks to symbols tumbling down from the sky after even a small win. This slot is a lot of fun thanks to these features.

The Slot Developer

This game is created by Betsoft, a well-known developer that’s behind some truly massive slot games already available and loved by serious gamblers. It should come as no surprise that the game is feature-rich and has a unique feel to it compared to other similar themed slots already offered today.

Testing the Slot in Demo Mode

We strongly encourage you to test this slot for free or with a small wager amount to help you get comfortable with all its features before you move on to a larger wager. That’s easy to do with this slot because there is a demo mode that lets you test out the features without even being a member of the casino in order to do so.

Fruit Bat Crazy Theme

Fruit Bat Crazy is clearly themed after fruit bats and a lush rainforest. There are all sorts of fruits and plants and bats to watch out for as you spin the reels, and that gives this slot game a fun look and feel. The actual look of the slot is pretty simple, but that just makes the game more surprising when you run into one of the more dynamic winning combinations while playing.

We Like the Game Design

There’s a lot to like about the design of this slot. It’s sweet an simple and easy to begin playing. Wagering is easy and the combos are easy to understand. The slot is also exciting and entertaining thanks to its dynamic reels, cascading symbols and big payout potential. All these different elements make for an enjoyable slot game overall.

The Slot Type

This slot game is a modern five-reel video slot. It’s a bit unique because of its cluster pay design, but it doesn’t have any of the progressive jackpot prize payouts that some other slots show off today, giving you smaller prize payouts to watch for.

Payline Setup

The slot offers 243 ways to win and pays out in a cluster style rather than using traditional paylines. With that said, the game is built like it has 40 paylines as far as wagering goes. This gives you many ways to win with every spin, and allows you to wager easily.

Different Betting Options

Betting is quick and easy in this slot and you can wager between $0.40 and $40.00 per spin depending on how much money you have to risk. You adjust your wager amount with a single arrow, and you can very rapidly switch from one amount to the next.

The Fruit Bat Crazy Paytable

The paytable for this slot game really explains what sort of wins you can hope to achieve while playing. Most wins are smaller in size with a maximum payout of $300 or $150 for a 5-symbol win with the highest wager amount in place, but you can win far more than that with the Fruit Bat symbol. With the Fruit Bat it’s possible to win a prize payout worth as much as $10,000, but only if you can get a cluster of 15 of them. Unlocking this huge symbol combination also awards you with a bunch of free spins.

Is There a Bonus Round?

This slot game has a single bonus round that offers you a variable number of free spins depending on the trigger you get to unlock the round. Trigger the bonus round and you’re looking at a whole lot of cash and fun.

Exciting Free Spins

Getting three or more of the bat symbols will trigger the free spin bonus round where you have a chance at even more bats and more exciting wins. You can unlock between 10 and 200 free spins depending on the number of bats you get in your cluster, and the more you get the bigger your instant prize payout will be before your free spin bonus round even begins.

The Total RTP

We were a bit disappointed when we first learned that Fruit Bat Crazy has an RTP of just 95.22%, but when you factor in all the cool features, advanced graphics and the fun that you have with this slot game, it’s still worth playing. Sure, you could get a bit more for your money with another slot, but the experience wouldn’t be nearly as good along the way.

The Slot Rating

We give this game a 4.2 out of 5.0 stars for our overall rating. We love this slot, but it does have smaller prize payouts compared to other similar games we’ve played. What makes this slot truly special is its free spin bonus round coupled with the cluster payouts and cascading symbols setup. It’s so satisfying to see combination win after combination win during a free spin round.

Big Winners

Big winners occur all the time with Fruit Bat Crazy, and it’s all because of the free spin bonus round. With the potential to get up to 200 free spins, it’s easier than you might think to win a huge amount of cash from this combo-driven slot game. Give it a try and you could be the next big winner if you are fortunate enough to trigger one of those high-value free spin bonus rounds.

Play for Free

If you aren’t in a hurry to spend money on an unfamiliar slot game, you can play this game for free in demo mode easily. That’s a nice feature that we enjoy about the game, just don’t plan to come away with any real money wins in this round, because it isn’t possible.

Real Money Wagering

The only way to fully appreciate the thrill of playing Fruit Bat Crazy is to try the slot with real money wagers. Doing so gives you more excitement each time you achieve a winning combination, and makes it possible to really profit if you’re lucky with this slot game. Try it for free first, but make sure you play with real money as well.

Gambling on Mobile

If you’re a gambler that likes to play on mobile, you’ll love this slot. Betsoft did a nice job making it possible to play this game on most mobile devices. It will load in your web browser and should run smoothly on the screen of a smartphone, a tablet or a full sized computer.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Fruit Bat Crazy while testing it out. We were a bit unimpressed with the prize payouts during our first look at the game’s paytable, but quickly got over that after seeing all the impressive prize winning combinations possible from this game. It’s a blast to play around with, and is something that you should try out at least once in your life. Give it a playthrough and you’ll start to appreciate how fun a cascading slot game can be.