Chase the Cheese Slots

So… would you be willing to chase some cheese? You might if you were a mouse, and that's the little character appearing in this game from Betsoft. It looks like a cross between a classic three-reel slot and a more complex five-reel game, and ends up being somewhere in the middle. So, we think it is likely to appeal to anyone who appreciates a good slot game and a quirky plot too!

Format for reels and paylines

This game is unusual in that it has four reels, not three or five. It also packs in nine paylines.

What could you bet on Chase the Cheese?

The coin values go from two cents all the way to a half-dollar, which is quite usual for Betsoft games. Once you've chosen your coin, choose your lines and select the bet per line you want to place - from one to five of those coins each time.

Does the slot game have any special symbols?

The wild uses just that word in full color. It replaces everything else that might appear on the reels. You can also look out for the Chase the Cheese icon, because this acts as the bonus icon.

Can you unlock a bonus feature or two?

When you look for four Chase the Cheese icons, you are granted access to the bonus feature. This round lets you help the mouse collect as much cheese as it can, without falling victim to the cat or any number of other hazards. If you make it through the exit in the mouse hole, you will see what prize you with for your trouble.

One thing to bear in mind is the time limit given for the bonus feature. Not only do you have to be accurate and choose the cheese and not the hazards, you must also get out the hole before the time runs out! Are you ready for the challenge?

Download and play the Chase the Cheese online slot today!

We should mention there is also a jackpot logo in the game. If you see four jackpot logos on the reels and you are playing the maximum bet available, you will win the progressive jackpot shown just above the mouse hole on the game screen.

This is a fun game and one we think you will like playing. How lucky will you be in seeing what the reels spin in your favor?