Gemini Joker Slots

The first image you see for any slot game can tell you plenty about it. We were impressed with the Gemini Joker imagery, revealing two jokers, one on either side of the title. But does the game provide promising action-packed features as well? We review Gemini Joker slots here to get some answers.

Which developer has come up with this idea?

Gemini Joker comes from Betsoft, so they carry quite the pedigree into this one.

We do receive the chance to try the game first

Demo mode is one option here, and we recommend you go for this one first.

What is the theme about?

With two jokers on the screen and the word Gemini used in the title, they're riffing on the idea of the twins, since Gemini stands for the twins in the constellations. There are no stars here though, other than the ones you might spot in the background.

A few notes on the design

The game has an unusual background, with what looks like a checkerboard on the floor, sweeping upward on either side of the reels. There are shooting stars above, with pink tones on the left and blue on the right.

How to play Gemini Joker slots

This game offers five reels and three rows of symbols, so it looks familiar in that sense. It's no surprise to find a wild joker in action, but since this has a Gemini theme, you can expect to find two jokers. The second one is a multiplier joker, which sounds promising. The red one is the basic wild, while the golden one is the 2x multiplier wild.

A smaller set of paylines than we expected

The game offers just five, which came as a surprise.

What about the bets?

You can go from 10 cents to $10 per line here, so check your coins before you spin the reels if you're playing the real version.

Paytable details explain more about how the game works

If you're checking out the Gemini Joker slot for the first time, you should check the paytable to find out the facts about it. While we are revealing much about the game here, you should consider which icons carry the best prize potential along the way.

Bonus respin potential in Gemini Joker

Since Gemini stands for the twins, the idea of a twin reel feature works well here. If you see the first two reels showing the same symbols, they'll lock in position. You then receive a free respin of all the other reels. This means you've got a chance of a prize with three or more icons on one or more of the lines.

Another feature appears too, known as the Multiplier Wheel. This won't appear that often, purely because you must land an entire screen of matching icons to see it. This means all 15 available positions must show the same symbol. If you manage to achieve this, you can watch as the wheel appears. You'll then spin it to see which number you land on. They're all multipliers, ranging from 2x to 10x. Whichever number you land on is then applied to the prize you just won.

Free spins don't feature

It's respins in this game rather than any standard free spins.

Has Betsoft released the RTP value?

Yes, and it gives this game a return to player percentage of 95.61%.

Our rating for Gemini Joker

The slot appears to offer a lower volatility level than some other games from this developer. It doesn't do anything that new or unusual, but it does well to bring out the best in the theme. We think this deserves a score of 7/10.

How high does the jackpot go in this slot game?

Not as high as we had hoped, maxing out at 1,700x your wager.

Check out Gemini Joker in demo mode

This allows you to play for some practice and experience, offering more information to go on before you decide if real play is ideal for you.

Betsoft casinos should offer the real version of Gemini Joker

You'll need to be a member, of course, but if you are, you can look out for a welcome offer that could give you extra funds to play this slot game with.

You can play across all platforms too

This means you can try the Gemini Joker game on Android, iOS, and a regular computer, depending on preference.