Fruity Fortune Slots

Slot games are always a lot of fun, but some are better than others. Where does Fruity Fortune fall in the scheme of things?

This is a classic-style slot, and while there are more reels involved than you might think, it goes for all kinds of fruits when it comes to the symbols. The graphics are far more basic than today's modern games can offer, but that's to be expected as this game has been around for a while.

Format for reels and paylines

There are five reels here, and nine lines you can bet on.

What could you bet on Fruity Fortune?

You can start with a five-cent minimum bet per payline, with the chance to go up as high as $2.25 for a total bet to cover all the lines. This means the game won't appeal to the high rollers out there, but those with smaller budgets might like it.

Does the slot game have any special symbols?

With so many fruits to look for, you might be surprised to see a gold star appearing as the wild. Mind you, it does make it easier to spot.

There is also a scatter, and this appears as a martini in a traditional glass. Again, it's easy to spot when it appears among all the fruits.

Can you unlock a bonus feature or two?

You may be forgiven for thinking this basic game doesn't have a bonus feature to share. However, it does have one, and this comes in the form of free games. You can get five free games for finding three of those martinis on the reels. Since this is a scatter, they can show up anywhere.

It gets better if you can find four scatters, because this will lead to 25 free spins. Finally, the best prize is reserved for anyone who finds five scatters. In this instance, you can win 100 free spins!

Download and play the Fruity Fortune online slot today!

This is as complex as Fruity Fortune gets. It's a nice game but quite simplistic compared to some of the more advanced slots we see today. However, if you like your slots on the straightforward side, this might tick some boxes.

Check out Fruity Fortune today and see whether it could be lucky for you. If so, you could be cashing out some seriously-good credit prizes! Good luck and go in search of those martinis.