Magic Shoppe Slots

The old-style spelling of the word shop shouldn’t fool you here. You can probably guess what the theme is and what is for sale in this establishment. Betsoft has created a game on a familiar theme here, but it still manages to be innovative and appealing to play. Let’s see just how good it is, shall we?

Reels and lines in play

We’ve got five big, big reels in play here, and there are 25 lines to bet on.

Bet amounts you can use

This slot could be used as a penny slot, or as a five-dollar slot, since you could use coins worth up to $5 apiece here on each line.

Magic Shoppe special symbols

Some games use WILD as the wild, and Betsoft has done that here too. Unusually, there are three icons that it won’t replace among all those used in the game. Two come in the shape of the sun and moon, while the third is the magic wand. This one is the scatter.

Magic Shoppe bonus features

There are two types of free spins that can be won in Magic Shoppe. Get three, four, or five Sun Box icons on the reels at once and you will secure three, six, or 12 Sun Spins. There is also a Moon Box, and you get the same number of spins as above, according to the number you find. The best part about both these features is that every spin ensures you win something, so you won’t experience any losing spins when you play these.

If you get three magic wands on the reels, something magical does occur. All appearances of Sun Boxes, magic wands, and Moon Boxes turn into wilds. Only then are your pays awarded – and since you could have lots of wilds involved, you might be able to win lots of prizes.

Make sure you download and play Magic Shoppe slots today!

It doesn’t take long to find slot games online that are based on a magic theme. Among all those we’ve tried, though, we like this one most. Betsoft is always a reliable provider of slot games, and they’ve introduced some neat features into this one as well.

Playing free spins where every one of them is a winner is certainly a great feature, but this game has more than that to offer as well. How many prizes will you win while playing Magic Shoppe?