Sugar Pop Slots

There is a certain game that hit the headlines a while back, and it uses various candies with special features to create wins and help the player get to other levels. Sugar Pop isn’t that game, but it might make you think of it as you get started.

It’s different from your typical slot game, but that is no bad thing, as you will soon see.

Reels and lines format

You get a huge 50 paylines to bet on here, but the game doesn’t use the typical 5 x 3 layout, or even a 5 x 4 one. Instead, you get a 5 x 5 format.

Bet amounts used

You must play all the lines in Sugar Pop, but you can do so from as little as two cents a go. The biggest coin available is a dollar, and you also have a chance to play up to five of your coins per line.

Sugar Pop special icons in play

Three connecting candies are required to snag a prize in this game. The more you get, the bigger the prize will be. Winning candies pop, too! You might also get special candies showing up.

For example, if you get four identical candies touching each other, Super Color candies might show up. Get another win after the initial one, and you get a multiplier win. Meanwhile, a Color Bomb appears whenever you get five matching candies together. This could remove all the identical-colored candies in that spin.

The game consists of numerous levels. As you go through them, you find other special candies you didn’t see previously. Watch for the Candy Cane that might appear in level 10 and up. Meanwhile, you need only get to level 6 to find a special Gumdrop.

Sugar Pop bonus features

There are no bonus features as you would normally understand them in this slot game. However, this is nothing to worry about. You get lots of great symbols showing up the more you play and the more levels you reach, and that is enough.

Play the Sugar Pop slot now for some slot game fun!

This game is packed with unusual features you won’t typically see when you’re playing a slot game. It works differently, and that makes it a sure bet for playing if you want a change from regular slot play. Will you get lucky with the best candies around?