Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

You won't win any prizes for guessing there are two girls in this slot game. One is better than the other, but they could both help you sneak in some prizes if you're lucky.

This is far from a formulaic slot game. Instead, its complexity is very appealing, and gives the game more depth - thus making it bigger and better, and easier to play over a longer period. Ready to find out more?

Reels and lines format

It's easy to spot five reels when you load the game, and you get 15 lines too.

Bet amounts used

Coins available range from two cents to 50 cents. You can wager 15 coins per spin in either good girl or bad girl mode. However, you can choose to play both modes if you prefer, which means wagering 30 coins per spin.

Good Girl Bad Girl special icons in play

Fancy playing with two wilds instead of one? That's what you get here. The halo only appears on the first three reels, but it has a x2 multiplier that boosts any prizes it helps you secure. Meanwhile, the pitchfork only appears on the final three reels, but it has a x4 multiplier to help increase prize amounts.

There is also a chance to get a pitchfork appearing next to a halo. If this happens, you will be presented with four boxes in a Click Me bonus feature on the reels. Click on a box to win a prize - and keep going until you select the collect message.

Good Girl Bad Girl bonus features

The theme of good and bad is seen in the bonus Money Wheel feature, too. The game includes a Good jackpot and a Bad jackpot. You could win some free spins when you take a spin of the wheel, or possibly a credit prize instead. And yes, both jackpots are also available to win when you spin the wheel. How lucky will you be when you reach this bonus feature?

Play the Good Girl Bad Girl slot now for some slot game fun!

The theme of good and bad is hardly new, but we haven't seen it played out like this before. As such, we love the Good Girl Bad Girl slot, and there are lots of ways to enjoy playing this over a longer period. But will it bring you good luck or bad in terms of prizes?