Jumbo Joker Slots

Jumbo Joker is a modern take on a classic fruit machine or classic slot game and we can dig it. It has a lot to love, and the features that are offered don’t really take away from the simplicity of a classic slot game either. What more could you want from a slot game? You can enjoy a simple gambling experience while having a shot at some halfway decent prizes as well. Read on to learn about the tiered gambling system and how it makes the game more exciting and intricate.

Tiered Gambling

I want to start on the most exciting feature immediately, because it’s what most players are going to be most interested in. There’s a tiered gambling system that makes use of two different reels. The bottom reel is the low value reel and is what you will play on most of the time. This is the reel that spins when you place a standard bet. The upper tier is the one that unlocks the biggest prizes though. Players can win between 10 and 400 coins per spin when gambling on the lowest tier, but things get more interesting at the next level. After going through the original level, once you win a prize you have the option to move up to the second tier. This is when the second set of reels spins. These reels pay out between 100 and 2,000 coins per spin. These are the ones that make the slot game worthwhile to play on, but they are more expensive as well. It’s possible to get up to 15 spins on the top reel off of a larger low-level win. To get the top tier you have to choose to unlock it, which will consume some or all of your prize earnings, but doing so is the only way to take a shot at the truly huge wins.

Classic Slot Gameplay

Even though the slot ahs a special tier system, it plays much the same as a standard slot. Other than picking which tier you want to play in when the option is available you pretty much spin the reels and hope to win. There are no other special features, and the sounds and looks of the game all point to a classic slot play experience. If that appeals to you as a player you have a lot to look forward to as a gambler on this slot game.

Jumbo Joker slots is a cool blend of classic slot looks and sounds with modern features that build up its excitement. If you’re looking for a top online gambling experience, it’s worth a look, though the game isn’t for everyone.